Sureil Nar'Greenglass Nar'Metaxes Nar'Goltana

Daughter of Rachel Cohen Metaxes, Alonzo Goltana, and Ezekiel Greenglass


Born fully grown with 6 wings and innate magical abilities and the natural daughter of three people, Sureil was the first of those who are now generally know as the Blessed.

Appointed heir by Alonzo Goltana after he became a Knight of the Multitude, Sureil claim to Zultana is hotly contested. Her grandfather opposes her claim both because she is bastard born and because Alonzo made the appointment after (according to Ritcher) his mind had been altered by becoming a Knight. Despite this she wields significant political influence and is often in the company of her cousin the first natural born son of King Alistair, Prince Michael Metaxes.

Sureil Nar'Greenglass Nar'Metaxes Nar'Goltana

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