Anne Eastweather

Eldest child of Eastweather house




My family is new to power, promoted to our current station only because we are a distant relation to the Queen and the only branch of the Eastweathers to not drink and gambled our way to an early grave. The other houses do not let us forget this. We are a new house and have yet to prove that we belong among the major noble house. If we are to maintain our stations beyond the Queen’s lifespan we must establish ourselves as a powerful house in our own right. I have taken steps to ensure this will happen.

I have worked very hard to remain on the fringes of court and for the most part I have been successful. This has allowed me to establish a very successful escort business and keep that connection secret. What the noble in Lesalia and the capitals of each provenience do not know is that those beautiful girls and boys who the whisper their secrets to, whisper those secrets to me.

Nobles in their arrogance ignore their servants – so much so that they forget they are there. Servants are invaluable sources of information. I intend to place those loyal to me in every noble household.

Father’s illness is inconvenient. With his fate unknown the court will now look to me as heir to see how House Eastweather will proceed. My time in the shadows is about to end.

Anne Eastweather

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