25 years ago events happened which have altered Ivalice dramatically. Mindless creatures created to look like ancient Nihonesse demons and unnatural eclipses plagued the land. The Cataclysm shook the land and temporarily altered the length of the year. The long absent King Angus Kenderick returned only to be attacked and killed in full view of the Court by his nephew Sebastian, heir to House Bunanza and to Queen Regent Annalise. Sebastain declared that he did not kill the King but rather a demon. Shortly after the Princess Adina Kenderick is assassinated by an rouge agent of Omdalia.

With no clear line of succession a truces was reached between Alistair Metaxes and Ichiro Vilaro declaring Alistair king and Ichiro’s youngest son the Crown Prince.

Children were born who matured at an unnatural paced and then seemingly have ceased to age with abilities and features that no human should posses. Many of these children to the Royal family.

A new religion know as the Church of the Multitude took hold in the Lost Isles. Claiming that the Multitude was in fact many gods and that anyone could find acceptance in the new religion it spread rapidly throughout Ivalice. King Alistair and Queen Cynthia were among the church’s founding members, as were the Kendericks and the Bunanzas. The Church has many different followers but the majority are those who wish to indulge in all that life and the Multitude has to offer.

This has created a sort of renaissance for the Murond Church. The timing of the new religion among rumors of demons and the rejection of traditional values and social roles have sent many back to the church that looked to be dying 25 years ago. Oliver Hartley, a cleric with a substantial following, claims that the Multitude is simply another demon and the Knights of the Multitude (individual raised up and granted god-like powers for the protection of humans) are in fact Lucavi, demons which have plagued humanity for years.

The Schism of Ivalice

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