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  • Ryouichi Vilaro Metaxes

    Adopted by King Alistair and named the Crown Prince of Ivalice when he was 3 years old as part of an succession agreement reached between his father Ichiro Vilaro and Alistair Metaxes. Ryouichi is a capable politician but is often overshadowed by …

  • Akira Aoyama Vilaro

    After the death of his wife Toshiko, Ichiro sent emissaries to Nihon to select him a new bride. Although Ichiro is kind to his new bride and she appears contented there is a substantial age gap between the two (50 years). Raised in the Nihonese court …

  • Maria Vilaro

    The daughter of the one of the greatest generals in recent memory, Maria grew up with a sword in hand, and a knife, and spear, and well you get the idea.