Severin Wu

First Mate of Lusty Devil, The Reticent Sentinel, Co-leader of Trade Guild


Age: 33
Height 6’2"
Weight: 170 lbs.

The First Mate of the Lusty Devil, Co-leader of the Trade Guild, Close personal friend and ally of Lydia Nar’Bunanza


Little is known about Severin’s younger years. He was an orphan taken in by Xavier Bunanza at 14. It is rumored that he may be Bunanza’s bastard son, but he has never publically claimed him as such. He quiet resolve as a leader of the Trade Guild, powerful talents as a Mage, and unwavering loyalty to his Captain and crew have earned him the reputation as the Reticent Sentinel and yes….He knows Kung Fu.

Real name Aito Germaine Kruger. He is the son of Ella Kenderick Metaxas and Lord Averil Kruger. His father and rest of family was murdered by Cynthia Eastweather, the current Queen. When his mother died she made him promise to take care of his half sister and avenge his fathers death. At 13 he sailed alone with Lydia back to Ivalice to be with his sister’s father. He was taken is as Xavier’s ward. His mother had been trained him in the ways of magic secrectly for most of his life. When his sister came of age, he joined her on the Lusty Devil as first mate. He is one of her most trusted advisers.

Severin Wu

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