Phillip Eastweather

controvercial scholar


From a young age Phillip was highly opinionated and skilled at arguing. He frequently got in trouble for arguing with his teachers while a student. Phillip was drawn to the openness of the ideals of the multitude and that soon became a major, although not exclusive focus of his studies.

After his education had finished, he became involved in the church of the multitude and travelled to the temple in the desert many times. It was on one of these trips when he fell in love with Suriel. During this time he took a large loan from a family friend to buy a small press and start a monthly pamphlet called “natural reasoning”. The opinions he published were very controversial.

His goal was that the press would support itself through sales of the pamphlet, but this proved infeasible at first, and he had to take a job as a chaplain in the Ivalician military to pay his creditors. In this role he learned basic combat skills.

Through a combination of his wages as a chaplain and the decision to sometimes contract out his press to print advertisements, he managed to get ahead of his creditors and the business started to turn a small profit. His role as a chaplain also allowed him to travel the world and write a popular segment of his pamphlet about his travels in the world.

Unfortunately, the controversial content of his writings eventually caught up to him and though pressure from various nobles, he was made to resign his post as chaplain. At this point he no longer needed the extra money, so he joined the soldiers of the multitude, and continues his religious studies.

“Natural Reasoning” is most noted for an issue which it published early on claiming that “all religions are one” and that the Murond church and the Multitude are actually different aspects of the same dogma. It also published an issue proclaiming that the Vilaros are the rightful heirs to the throne and that undoing this agreement would render the government illigitimate.

“Reasoning” has chimed in one one side or the other of almost every political, religious and social issue:

Murond vs. Multitude: both are aspects of the same religion, they are one, as are all religions

Vilaro claim to the throne: they are the rightful heirs by contract, any attempt to change this would ruin the legitimacy of the government

the Blesssed: they are a piece of divinity and should be revered

Suriel vs. Lorezo as heir to Zeltinnia: Suriel was named the heir by Alonzo, she should be the leader, the fact that she is blessed should actually be seen as an advantage in a leader

return of Angus: there is no reliable evidence that he was a demon, this was simply a political assassination to stop a war with Omdalia

reparations for resources taken from Zulta: these should be paid in full

Omdalia: they are an important ally to Ivalice, peace must be kept at all costs

Phillip Eastweather

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