Oliver Hartley

Rising star of the Murond Church


The third son of minor noble family, Oliver was promised to the Murond Church at birth. He was educated and served the High Cleric in the capital city of Lesalia. Although only a child at the time Oliver witness the death of the King Angus, the appearance of the Multitude over the Lesalia and the rise of the Church of the Multitude.

Thanks in no small part to his charisma, charm, good looks, and intelligence Oliver has quickly risen through the ranks. The fact that he has been groomed since childhood to lead the Church doesn’t hurt either. Citing ancient text Oliver declares the that Multitude is not a benevolent god but rather a demon.

Some claim that Oliver pays only lip service to the Murond church and that he uses to accumulate power for himself and secretly does not live by its strict standards. But truthfully it is hard to know. Oliver is a smart man and if he has secrets they are well hidden.

Oliver Hartley

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