Lily Rose Eastweather


The younger identical twin to Anne Eastweather and when the two were young, they used to love playing and pranking everyone by switching places. Normally Lily Rose is very bubbly and loves talking and being a busy body.

Lily Rose went off to study magic at Riovannes when she was seven years old and Anne went to the court. Lily Rose didn’t return to the family home for almost 8 years (though she remained close to her twin and was often exchanging letters) when a letter from Anne made her race back. Lily Rose then pretended to be her sister for the next year.

When she went back to Riovannes she became an assistant tutor before becoming a full lecturer. She continued this for a while, enjoying it immensely. She liked everyone at the school but quite a few, especially Nikolas, found her bubbly personality annoying (especially her habit of sticking her nose into her friends private lives and offering advice).

She isn’t interested in having a love life, getting married or having children. Any relationship is kept to a single night.

She has recently been sent to court to serve there. Lily Rose thinks this is because of her magic skills (which are quite good) when it was more Nikolas trying to get rid of her in some way.

Lily Rose Eastweather

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