Alonzo Goltana

Knight of the Multitude and contested Head of House Goltana


Before becoming a Knight of the Multitude, Alonzo was the oldest son of Richter Goltana, the financial manager of the House Goltana. He was aquick-witted, shrood businessman who helped his father rebuild the countries resources that were ravaged by the war on the Lucavi. Alonzo was groomed to follow in his father’s footsteps upon his death and appointed Head of House.

Alonzo was a strong proponent of the occupation of Zulta by Ivalice, as all the Goltanas are. However Alanzo was willing to support reparation payments to Omdalian businesses whose assets were siezed during the Ivialician invaision. Alanzo abandoned this plan after his father persuaded him that it would make the Gulanas ‘look weak’. This sudden change of heart has made him even more unpopular among the Omdalians.

Alonzo fathered Sureil and is still in a relationship with Rachel Cohen Metaxes.

After becoming a Knight Alonzo named his daughter Sureil regent in his stead. Alonzo’s father has challenged both Alonzo’s status as Head of House and Sureil’s as regent.

Alonzo Goltana

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